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    The Library

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    The library is an inviting and relaxing space for study and reading; and at lunchtimes it is a fun and vibrant space for other activities. Many classes and research sessions are held in the library every day and students can access the library at morning break and lunchtime where they come to play games such as Scrabble, Monopoly, cards and puzzles, use the computers, read books, comics, or magazines, and take part in Book Club. The librarian is always on hand to help and advise students with regard to research for school projects and also to recommend books.

    Increasing the number of students who read for pleasure and creating good reading habits is the main goal of Our Lady’s School Library. The librarian is passionate and enthusiastic about recommending books to students, and always has new book orders on the way which contain recommendations from the students themselves! Keeping in line with the rise in popularity of e-readers such as Kindles the library now offers free e-books for any students and staff with an e-reader.


    The Library has 4 PCs and a printer.
    There are 13 tables for study and classroom work
    Students can sit on bean bags by the windows if they want to relax and read
    There is an extensive range of fiction, non-fiction, reference books, DVD’s, and magazines.
    The fiction is further categorised into Junior and Senior sections, with YA, fantasy, science fiction, horror, and classics all separate to facilitate student’s specific interests.
    Teachers may order class room books through the library and bring their classes to the library for reading and research classes. The librarian is available to students who need help with book selection and when researching projects.

    Book borrowing rules:

    Students can borrow three books for three weeks at a time
    Students can renew their books as often as they like
    Students are asked to consider others who want to read and return their books on time
    There will be fines for lost and severely damaged books


    The library is decorated at Halloween’ and Christmas (look out for the Christmas Book Tree!) – themed events are popular with students and books are promoted which reflect the chosen theme. World Book Day is celebrated and events are held in the library to coincide with Reading Week. Book Club is held in the library every Wednesday at lunchtime, where the members can discuss whatever books they are currently reading and also recommend books to each other. We break the rules a bit for Book Club as we have cookies in the library! Fridays at lunchtime mean Games Club, where the library is transformed into a not so quiet space where everyone can have fun playing board games and puzzles! Each year the school selects a book for ‘One School One Book’ that every student in the school is asked to read during reading week. This year’s choice is The Weight of Water by Sarah Crossan.

    The library is an interactive space that encourages students to do more reading in a relaxed atmosphere where they can find peace and quiet amid the bustle of a busy school.

    School Librarian:
    Doreen Lundon BA LIS
    email: librarian@olschool.ie